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“HOUSE OF DWIR is a genderless fashion brand that celebrates individualism, inclusivity, and creativity with an avant-garde spirit. It reflects my belief that we are all equal and deserve to be loved and respected. My role as a fashion designer is to give people a way to express themselves through fashion, unapologetically.”


The quote above truly sums up who I am as a person, and my ethos as a designer. Hey, I’m Dan Dwir, and welcome to my world.  A few key points about me worth mentioning:


• I am a Swiss fashion designer, currently residing in Toronto, Canada.

• I was awarded the “Best Bachelor Collection” during my studies at the prestigious Haute École d’Art et Design (HEAD) in Geneva.

• I’m a bespoke tailor for private clients, and am also quite a passionate Fashion Design Educator.

• In 2019 I launched “House of Dwir”, a ready-to-wear line that encompasses my love for humans & the innate beauty in all of us.

House of Dwir aims to free people from any social or gender confinements; a way to gift us all with a unique sense of freedom found in personal expression.


All my garments are ethically made and produced, using progressively conscious eco-friendly resources. My pieces are released outside of seasonal conformities and are available online and via selected physical shops that mirror my values and ethics as a designer.


For bespoke garments & capsules, feel free to reach out to me directly. It would be my pleasure to get to know you better and create one-of-a-kind wardrobe pieces that showcase your truest self.


With loving kindness,

Dan Dwir

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